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Protecting Yourself From A Flood

One of the most devastating natural disasters there is are floods.  When we experience a flood the thought and dread of everything being washed away and damaged from the water is a scary thought.  With flood insurance we are putting a layer of protection onto our property that will protect us from the water damage.  The best way to get a good deal on this insurance is to have an elevation certificate pinellas county fl drafted and issued.

Height of your property

Water rises, and as it rises it can cause more damage to higher elevations of properties.  This is how the adjustment for your insurance is calculated.  For example, if your property in directly on the water line you would be expected to pay the highest possible premium for your insurance.  If your property was three feet above the water line you would be expected to pay less. 

Average yearly storms

The amounts paid for insurance is calculated on a twelve-month value against the risk for those months.  It is then divided by twelve and that will be your monthly premium.  With a certificate that states where you fall on this line the value for your elevation can be determined. 

elevation certificate pinellas county fl


Sandbags are the first line of defense against water.  When you fill sandbags, you are putting a water-resistant barrier between the water and the entry points of your home.  When the storm season is over you can store the sandbags in a shed for future use or return the sand back to the beaches to help prevent beach erosion.  Talk to your county for notes on proper sandbag removal.

Finding the best price

Finding the best price will take some time, effort and convincing that a flood won’t wash away everything that you own.  Doing your research and developing tangible proof will make flood insurance companies more comfortable issuing you a reasonable policy.